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About Varied / Hobbyist Angelina Marie Stambaugh15/Female/Canada Groups :iconwffa-squad: WFFA-Squad
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Multiple Characters + Full colour
My max of characters in one picture (at the moment) is 1-3.
Remember to give me refs so I know how to draw the cats!!
Headshots - Cats
- It will take a while for me to actually get to drawing.
- Please give me a ref of the cat so I'm able to draw it.
Full Colour - Cats
- Any of my styles are able to be requested.
- Beware of my large tails.
- It will take a while for me to actually get to drawing.
- Please give me a ref of the cat so I'm able to draw it.
- Currently, I'm only able handle drawing one cat per picture.


Birdsong231 has started a donation pool!
25 / 100
To show you like my art, which would really mean a lot to me. :meow:

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Birdsong231's Profile Picture
Angelina Marie Stambaugh
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"My sanity took a permanent vacation,"
- Angelina Marie Stambaugh (Birdsong231)

Avatar made by wildpath2172
Avatar made by Birdsong231

My African/Egyptian name is Shani (Shaw-nee), which means "Marvelous".

I'm you normal strange girl who doubts herself a lot. I'm pretty much the QUEEN of laziness and drama. I love cats and German shepherds. I'm an artist in pretty much anything. I hate doing traditional, but I'm fairly good with digital. I love to read, late to music and I'm a beginner at photography. I'm a fangirl and a HUGE shipper. I like to state the obvious to he funny and try to put a smile on someone's face, but if it's serious, I won't be funny and I'll listen as closely as I can. I'm not the greatest person to talk to, since I'm not the greatest at talking.

First follower: WolfstarDraws
First Core follower: styleWish
Latest follower: Jaidyn-Fang-Trap
Best friend/s: @SnowstadeOwO;
(Online) Brother/s: SnowshadeOwO; UzumakiKunn; KarmicCheeseburger
(Online) Sister/s: TarmiSkye; Lolster1234
All-time favorite DA artist: yumisuu

2nd DA acc: Bluestar580

Art Senpais


Art Senpais that have noticed me

_______________ (Main) (Main)……………

Journal History

- Post 8 facts about a tagged OC.
- If you are tagged, you must do it.
- Then tag anybody you want(On DeviantArt of course) and one of their OCs.

Tagged by: Lolster1234 
Character: Bloodstar

1. Bloodstar's prefix at birth was "Night-". The leader changed it to "Blood-" (when he got his apprentice ceremony) because of his red eyes.
2. In one of his stories he changes his murderous ways and asks for StarClan's forgiveness and ask them to change his prefix.
3. In another story, many moons after he dies, he takes on a Dark Forest apprentice named Frozenheart, a tom who rapes Birdsong in many of her different profiles... I'm so mean to her. ;A;
4. Bloodstar is the one that keeps encouraging Snowspots/star to keep his life goal of killing his brother, Blackclaw/star.
5. Bloodstar's warrior name was Bloodeye. It he still had "Night-" as his prefix, likes to think he would've be named Nightstorm.
6. Kits are his weakness.
7. His brother in most of his profiles is Darkwolf, later known as Dark when he (Dark) leaves the Clan because of his brother.
8. He loves white she-cats.

And the lucky people to be tagged are... *Deep breath*
Anyone who wants to do this. I'm too tired to think...
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: A lot
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


GAH halp I have a crush on a boy i'll probably never see again...
Happy Valintine's Day to everyone! Especially you, lordkingd~

Poor little Shani no get any love today. ;-;
Willow wants some luv
But Willow no get any luv
Because nu one wants to deal with a weird kitteh
Poar little Willow
She no get a boyfriend
And Shani no know why she wrote this
Gahh! New adorable Willowsong profile picture!
The question is, who gave Willowsong that heart? o.o
Why me. My mother is freaking out over a broken bag. Wtf. IT'S JUST A BAG.
Why do I hear "cat nipple" instead of "cannibal" when listening to "Cannibal" by Ke$ha?
Not laryngitis. Sore throat and I can't breath. NYEH.
I think I'm getting laryngitis again. ;A; My through hurts so much when I talk and laughing. Especially when coughing and breathing.
Happy Halloween, everyone!!

I'll be posting pictures of my costume one of thems days! :heart:
That TERRIFING moment when you forgot to add one of your favorite bands to your favorite music artists list.

This happened to me a few mins ago. I panicked when I realized I might've forgotten to add Breaking Benjamin to my list! ;A; Thank God I didn't! Love that band! BOTDF RULES ALL, THOUGH!!! *Bows before Dahvie Insanity, the Lord of Darkness.* MASTER. *Cue "Call Me Master"*
*Is scared of fire.* *Puts Door to Hell, Baba Gurgur and Burning Mountain on bucket list.*
Ok, so I think I'm satisfied to say that I'm on Tumblr now. I wasn't ready to announce it yet, but now I am happy and y'all can find me if you want. I'm Birdsong231, of course. (On Instagram I'm Willowsong231. Birdsong231 was taken. ;A; )
"Wiener water."
That sad moment when you have a dream about to people wanting to commission with you and you find you it was only a dream. *cries*
Woot! I've got mah strapless tie-dye top on. I'm gorgeous. ouo
I finally have no notifications!! Time to celebrate!!


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